Alt Summit {travel day outfits}

Tricia and I are currently at the airport waiting for our flight to Salt Lake City. Flight is on time, I already met one of our very nice flight attendants, and neither of our bags were over 50 lbs (so there’s room for shopping!). We’ll be posting updates via Twitter and Instagram (@ suburbanbitches) throughout the conference so hop on over to our feeds to join in on the party with us. It’s gonna be epic- I mean look at the tattoo I got for the occasion:

We are handing out the “Bitch” tattoos with our business cards and a sticker that says to embrace your inner bitch. Hopefully we’ll see some Bitch tats on arms, legs, butts, wherever!

As for the travel day outfits, here you go:

Erin travel day

jacket / shirt / jeans / boots / glasses

Tricia travel day

Most of my outfit (Erin) is from Anthropologie and Tricia is wearing a mix of items from Stitch Fix and J. Crew.  Happy Wednesday y’all!

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  1. hahah love the tattoos, smart! Have fun at alt summit, you’re off to a good start if you made it under 50lbs

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