Chairish Vintage Dining Room

Posted on March 3, 2015

Yesterday Erin showed you her fantasy friend’s living room. Honestly, she doesn’t go around talking to imaginary people but you know sometimes you just need to design a room for that perfect made up someone. When Chairish contacts you and asks you to create a room based on one of their gorgeous vintage rugs what better excuse could there be for making up a friend with a great sense of style and then designing a vintage eclectic living room for that friend? Today’s my turn to create a room around a Chairish rug. I’m too selfish to share my imaged Chairish room with a fantasy friend. I desperately want a dining room redo so I found a rug from the Chairish collection that I love and gave myself a new dining room with lots of fabulous Chairish vintage furniture instead! I chose this beautiful handmade wool Overdyed Grass Green Abrash Turkish rug for the start to …

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Chairish Vintage Living Room

Posted on March 2, 2015

Rules, rules, rules- they surround us with all these guidelines on how to live our lives. Brush your teeth twice a day, don’t go swimming right after eating, never spit into the wind, etc etc etc. When it comes to decorating a house there aren’t a lot of rules. Guidelines- yes there are guidelines. Like this guideline on choosing the right size rug for a room (important stuff people, you need to read it). One guideline that I like to follow when decorating a space is never, ever go to a store and buy all the items you need for a room from one store. Sure the catalogs look nice when you decorate your room with items from the same merchant but do you ever look at one of those rooms and really feel like there are “real” people that live there? Or that the people who live in that room …

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A Year of Change {February Reveal}

Posted on February 27, 2015

Darn you February and your 28 days. If there ever was a month in the Year of Change Challenge that I could have used 30 or 31 days it was this month. But instead we were presented with only 3 full weeks to get an organization project done for the February challenge. {Tricia’s Project} With such a short time frame this month organization was a good direction for me. Organization is one project you can take on and whip out in no time. When we announced this month’s challenge I had no clue what direction to go in: playroom, pantry or corral all the paperwork etc. in my home. I’m drowning in random papers and never know where all the stuff is that needs to get handed in at school or when to sign up for summer camps so creating a home command center became priority number one.  I can deal …

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One Room Challenge Prep – Playroom

Posted on February 25, 2015

Next up as a possible candidate for the next One Room Challenge is this lovely room. Last week I showed you possible plans for the dining room/office and this week’s option is the playroom. I think you’ll agree it could use a helping hand. This is the playroom normally looks. My kids are soooo good about picking up after themselves. I’m a proud mama. I am happy to report though that after a year and a half battle I did convince Mr. Man to part with the air hockey table otherwise known as the dumping ground for legos. Now we’ve got a wide open space in the basement for cartwheels and somersaults. On rare occasions when I just can’t take the thought of this disaster zone lurking in my basement for one more minute I take a few hours to clean it up and it looks like this for a about a …

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From the pages of a magazine I never thought I’d read

Posted on February 23, 2015

When I think about my mother during my childhood the image I conjure up usually includes a Tab, a cigarette and a housewife-y magazine like Good Housekeeping, Family Circle or Woman’s Day. I swore as an adult I was never ever purchasing any of those magazines because they were not the image I had of myself. I am not a 70’s type stay-at-home kind of mom. I might not head out the doors in heels with a briefcase every morning but I am certainly not a “housewife” and I do not read those kinds of magazines. And I only lust for Tab or a cigarette on rare occasions. Then Good Housekeeping started showing up in my mailbox. I never ordered it and I had no idea why I was getting it. But, it was there so I started looking at it. The first month the magazine had some articles and recipes that were sort of …

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