The Lilly that took over the internet

Posted on April 20, 2015

In case you were living under a rock yesterday, or still trying to decide if the dress is blue/black or white/gold, then you probably witnessed the s*@#show that was the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection. Tricia and I made it a “work trip” and got ourselves to the local Target about 15 minutes before they opened. There was a small line of folks gathered, but nothing like the lines that had occurred two hours earlier in states like South Carolina and Georgia. People in Colorado aren’t the usual Lilly demographic. But there are a few transplants that showed up to get their hands on some Palm Beach inspired goods. Tricia and I took a divide and conquer approach to this shopping trip. Tricia headed to the clothing section and I went to the home goods area. Our stores didn’t have a ton of stuff but it seemed like we got most …

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One Room Challenge {Week Three}

Posted on April 16, 2015

I hope everyone else taking part in the One Room Challenge had a week where things happened! Not so much here – I felt like I was stuck in a holding pattern waiting for everything to arrive.  On the upside my rug arrived from Pakistan last night. And my wallpaper came yesterday afternoon. Just trying it out here as I didn’t even bother with a sample of the wallpaper. I just went for it. That’s me, living on the edge. I was so eager to get everything ordered before last week’s post that I couldn’t wait just a couple more days for Joe my wallpaper guy to come give me any estimate. The punchline – I didn’t order enough of the paper. An entire double roll not enough. Oops. The extra roll will be here next week and Joe will come hang the paper on the 30th. On a side note, the …

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A few new things in the house

Posted on April 15, 2015

Though this post feels perhaps a bit unnecessary I’m gonna roll with it and give y’all an update on a few new things I’ve added to my house. Because I’m all about sharing, perhaps to a fault. Anyways, I gave y’all a sneak peek on Instagram of this light that I changed out the fan in our living room for. Fans are boring, and while at times necessary, this room was begging for a statement light instead of the fan. We get enough of a cross breeze with windows on two walls of this room so even when I refuse to turn on the air conditioning we also never turned on the fan. I ordered this light from Lucent Light Shop. They make amazing custom lights at very affordable prices and are a favorite source for many bloggers. This light is based off of a much more expensive version found …

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One Room Challenge Week Two {Kids’ Bathroom}

Posted on April 9, 2015

Thanks for popping by today to check on my progress in my kids’ bathroom. If you haven’t been by before let me introduce myself. I’m Tricia – one half of the Bitches blog duo. Erin and I write about taking our builder spec houses from hohum to wow all while raising six kids between us and having fun (& drinks) in the suburbs. Another big thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for putting together the awesomeness that is the One Room Challenge. It’s always the perfect way for so many of us to get our butts in gear & get going on a project. My room for this round of the ORC is the bathroom that my two bigger kids share. I haven’t done a thing to the room other than throw in some hand-me-down towels and hang a shower curtain. This is one neglected room in need of …

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DIY {cowhide bench}

Posted on April 6, 2015

It’s been far too long since we gave you a down and dirty DIY project- don’t you think? Well we are going to change that today and share with you a fairly simple DIY that gives you a pretty spectacular end product. Before we start I must confess that I was a bit unsure how to tackle this project when I dreamed it up in my head and the internet was no help as it appears that this *might be* the first tutorial on a DIY cowhide bench. Say what?! No one else has had a burning desire to sit their butts on a cowhide every day? So without the internet providing me with the how-to for this DIY I contacted my friend Gayle at Sparrow House of Design to find out if she could help me with this project. Upholstering a bench is a pretty straight forward process but I was …

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