Blue Apron review

Posted on October 20, 2014

Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about the home delivery food service called Blue Apron. Several big name bloggers have written about it (here and here) and it sounded intriguing. Blue Apron lets you choose a meal plan that works with your dietary preferences and then it delivers all the ingredients plus recipes for at least three meals a week. Food deliveries come once a week and you can choose how many servings you would like for each meal. It’s not cheap though- $9.99 a person per meal. Certainly cheaper than eating out for a meal but you could buy all the ingredients for far less if you did the grocery shopping yourself. But you are paying for the convenience of shutting of your brain and having someone meal plan for you and do all the grocery shopping. It all sounded convenient and maybe the answer to my “I hate …

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Friday Five {Halloween}

Posted on October 17, 2014

Right now I’m enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee picked up from one of the many nearby drive-thru coffee stands. Obviously I’m not at home because that’s the one thing missing from Fort Collins that would make it perfect. I thought I was going to die when I first move to Colorado, I had a newborn and had no easy access to a skinny vanilla latte. I’m in the land of coffee, wine, wild waves and snow capped mountains otherwise known as Oregon for the weekend and you can bet I’ll be heading to a coffee stand at least once a day. We get to stay at my friend Lyn’s house again. Do you remember our Peeping Bitches’ tour of her house from last year? Lyn is the queen of Halloween decorating and staying at her house has me finding my missing Halloween spirit. 1. Halloween Cocktails To really get yourself …

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One Room Challenge Week 3 {Laundry Room}

Posted on October 16, 2014

Welcome to Week 3 of the One Room Challenge! And it was a very good week indeed! Last week I was all “Oh poor me, I’ve got so much to do. Won’t someone feel sorry for me?”. This week I’m all “I kicked some ass last week, made lots of progress on my projects, and even planned another trip to see Ryan Adams in Arizona this December”. My head is in a much better place this week! Quick recap, I am taking part in the One Room Challenge- which is put on by Linda at Calling It Home and challenges bloggers to make over a room in a 6 week time frame. Easy peasey, right? Depends on how much you plan ahead I would say. Most of the time when you make over a room there are materials to order and contractors to hire, all of which needs to be …

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Watch it Wednesday

Posted on October 15, 2014

Remember when summer television viewing meant endless reruns of The Love Boat and Fantasy Island? Fortunately summer television isn’t that bad anymore but all the same having fall TV is making me happy. I don’t watch a ton of TV except the evening news (apparently the only ones still watching are me plus all those men who haven’t yet heard of Cialis and the women experiencing vaginal dryness during intercourse) and most nights a show after the kids go down. After finally getting the kids to bed I’d prefer guzzling a bottle of wine but instead I unwind with the boob tube. And finding something to watch is much more fun now that the fall line-up is airing. Here’s what’s been catching my eye: The Walking Dead  This was like getting to check out counter at Nordstrom and the sales person saying it was on the house. I found out Monday morning that …

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Fall entryway & crepe paper artichoke tutorial

Posted on October 13, 2014

I’m not much on seasonal decorating other than Christmas. I love seeing how other people change things up throughout the year but I’m a little too lazy to do it all myself. I make an exception though with my entryway.  I’m willing to play up the seasons in this limited area of my house. Usually it’s not much but this fall I felt the seasonal decorating mojo hit and I went with it. I found a new creative outlet for myself with all that paper flower making for our Cricut floral chandelier. My brother is a Buddhist and very nearly became a monk. He once stayed at a monastery in San Francisco and to support their community the monks painted houses. Shortly after that he came to stay with us and taught me the Zen of painting. Yep – very “wax on, wax off.” Now I love the quiet contemplation …

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