Kitchen progress- update #1

Posted on January 27, 2015

I know you all are DYING to hear about my decisions in the kitchen. On the edge of your seat, right? Today I am here to bring you the first update on progress in my kitchen remodel of 2015. If you didn’t read my first post on my plans for the kitchen, do yourself a favor and click here to read that. I promise this post will make more sense and maybe even be a bit more fulfilling if you start with that post. Because in that post I presented a series of lighting options that I was considering and asked you to weigh in. Here’s the mood board with all the lighting contenders:   The majority of you voted for the light which I was hoping for- #8. The Hicks pendant is a classic that I have loved for oh so long. And the price tag for that light …

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The Friday Five {2015 Design Trends I can do}

Posted on January 23, 2015

So how many of you embraced 2014′s Pantone color of the year – Radiant Orchid? I’ve got a feeling the numbers on that are way low. I was not one of them. Likewise I don’t plan on doing much with Marsala – the 2015 color of the year. I’m a dedicated wine drinker and Marsala is not in my wine repertoire and it isn’t going into my decorating one either. I can say the same of the olive, rust and aubergine that are all supposedly colors of the moment. I don’t really care how “in” a color is if it’s going to make me depressed,sad and just want to shove a brownie in my mouth. But you know, every girl likes to be a tad trendy now and again. There are some 2015 design trends I can get on board with and maybe even hang with (thus losing any trendiness …

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Thursday Ten {For love of the dragon}

Posted on January 22, 2015

It’s time for my confessional – I’m having a mad love affair. He’s one hot number with a fierce mane, a long lean body and some fiery breath. I’m infatuated with a dragon. This is no new little fling; I’ve felt this way about this guy for years and now with the new colorways, I absolute swoon for Schumacher’s Chiang Mai Dragon. Like the new jade or the ebony But the colors in the older aquamarine work in just about any room so it will always remain my nearest and dearest. Here’s the part where we really dive into my obsession. Do you remember my laundry room makeover and the roman shade I made for it? Where my dragon was front and center? Except he wasn’t cuz how in the world did I not take a better photo of the roman shade after all the work it took to make??? Than …

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When the biological clock stops ticking

Posted on January 21, 2015

Currently there are a lot of things that I’m unsure of in my life but recently I’ve come to one clear conclusion- my biological clock has turned itself off. More specifically, I am completely sure that I am done having babies. It’s nice actually, to feel confident that we are content with our current family size and the sight of a baby no longer brings that urge to sniff, cuddle, and smuggle that baby. There was a time, shortly after the birth of my third child, that I thought maybe we’d go for a fourth in hopes of bringing another girl into our family. But adding a fourth child to our house brings a new set of challenges, that of course I’ve spent too much time even figuring out. We would need a new car, and the only car that makes sense for a family of 6 is a minivan. …

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Starting a new adventure

Posted on January 19, 2015

2015 is starting off in a really great way for me. I’ve already lost the 15 lbs I needed to lose this year, my house is all organized, and I’ve given up all foods besides celery and wine (hence the 15 lb weight loss). Yes, I am gonna kill it the rest of the year. Of course not one of those things are true but I have started a new adventure in 2015 that I’m excited to tell all of you about. If you’ve been reading this blog at all over the past year and a half you have heard us talk about Everitt and Schilling. Everitt and Schilling is a local company here in Fort Collins started by cousins Aaron Everitt and Luke Schilling. Everitt and Schilling is the premier home material showroom in Northern Colorado and the store itself is a treat for the eyes when you walk …

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