Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted on June 16, 2015

So have you bought anything for the dads in your life yet? If you have then I totally don’t comprehend because it only just dawned on me that Sunday is actually Father’s Day. If you are a fellow procrastinator and are wondering what the hell you are going to give as a present here are my suggestions. 1.  Classic Vacuum Pint Glass An insulated beer glass that’ll keep your drink cold for 4.5 hours? Hell yeah! I think my hubby would be very happy with this one. Oh and that built in bottle opener is an added benie. 2.  Chunkyfunky Peanutbutter Cup My hubby’s favorite naughty food is peanutbutter cups. This stuff is like peanutbutter cups on steroids. This will put every bit of candy or popcorn he’s ever had to shame. 3.  Blackberry Farms Charcuterie Duo His other favorite food is meat. Good meat and I think this charcuterie …

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Living with… {an update on past projects}

Posted on June 10, 2015

Lately projects at my house have been slowing down. We are finally starting to feel like we’ve done enough things in this house to make it our own and getting to enjoy the past two years of work done. Which… makes it a bit hard for a blog that in the past has shared DIY projects with you. And no worries, knowing my decorating ADD I’ll probably be ready to change things up again in a few months. And I’m working with a few clients on projects in their homes which I can’t wait to share when finished! In the meantime I thought it would be helpful to revisit projects from the past and let you know how we like them after months of living with them. Because nothing is worse than buying a pair of jeans that look great in the store and then after three times wearing them …

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And it happened

Posted on June 8, 2015

Did you guys miss us? Sorry, we’re getting accustomed to the summer schedule and each having three kids home all day that need to be entertained. Non-stop. For me it’s been a busy week too with the fundraiser I put together for Lizzy and her family. Did you read about it in my last blog post? Lizzy is battling her third round of stage 4 Ewing’s sarcoma and we wanted to send her entire family to this weekend’s U2 concert in Denver. Did you know that you could be completely worn out by happiness? I didn’t either until yesterday when so many good things came to pass. I was excited enough when I woke up with the way everything was going – solidly good tickets to the concert, outfits for all the girls and Meredith, jewelry for each of them, hair and make -up, a photo shoot with a great …

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Mid-week musings {May}

Posted on May 28, 2015

Obviously Erin and I are rocking the blog posting this week. It’s that last week of school thing and there’s so many extra activities (like running around buying all those teacher gifts and field day and everything else) that blogging time this week is scarce. In keeping with that line of thought today’s post is just a quickie. 1. Sometimes something hits you just right. For me that happened about a six weeks ago. I was in spin class and the instructor said she was so excited U2 was coming to Denver! That is until she saw the price of the tickets. According to Meredith, Bono was going to have to do a whole lot more than just sing if she was going to pay $300 for a ticket. As I was sitting on that bike seat trying not to die I decided she would go to that concert! I am …

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Peeping Bitches {Susan’s House}

Posted on May 22, 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve been peeping through a house; are you ready to check out this gorgeous home? A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an invite to Susan Kosonocky of Restyle Design’s home. Susan is a very talented local designer and that talent is on display in every room of her house. I felt super lucky to get a private tour! From the moment you walk into the house and see this amazing staircase you know you’re in for something special. Susan is a Colorado transplant from Connecticut and she brought her East Coast design sensibilities with her. While house hunting she just wasn’t happy with all the Colorado styled houses the realtor showed her. She wanted something that incorporated the traditional styles of the Northeast. We moved from Oregon to Colorado but having spent most of my life on the East Coast I was totally feeling the …

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