Modern farmhouse inspired kitchen

Posted on August 28, 2015

Happy, happy Friday loyal readers! I survived the first week of my kids going back to school, and by survive I really mean I rejoiced and savored every single minute those kids were being educated by the saints of this world. And what better way to end this week than show you a really, really stunning kitchen remodel that I did the design work for. This space turned out so amazingly good if I do say so myself! And if you don’t like this kitchen after seeing the makeover then I’m guessing you also don’t like puppies, or cupcakes, which makes me wonder if you like cilantro (gross!)? Anyways, here’s a quick back story about this kitchen. Through my work at Everitt and Schilling I have taken on some clients which I am doing design work for. This couple was one of those clients. They were purchasing a house with a …

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How it’s going down in 2015 {Erin’s goals}

Posted on August 19, 2015

Yesterday Tricia gave us an update on how’s she progressed with her 2015 design goals. I too made some design goals in the beginning of the year. You can read about them here or get the abbreviated version in this handy dandy list. {Erin’s 2015 Design Goals} 1. Makeover the kitchen 2. Do something with the wasteland bonus room 3. Replace hardwood flooring 4. Build an entertainment center in the basement Okay, let’s check in and see how I’ve done in 2015. 1. Kitchen Remodel I feel like this list is off to a good start because the kitchen remodel is complete! The planning of the kitchen remodel began in January and by late May/early June the whole project was done. I blogged a lot about the steps we took to make over our space. And by now I’m sure you all are tired of hearing about it. But in …

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Where it’s at in 2015 {Tricia’s goals}

Posted on August 17, 2015

This is the second year in a row I’ve made design resolutions for the new year (2014 & 2015 goals) and I’m checking in to see how well I’m faring 8 months into 2015. Am I a total slacker or have I kicked some a$$? Well today’s the day of reckoning around here. Let’s see where things stand. {Tricia’s 2015 Goals} Finish up condo bathroom Finish up my daughter’s room Tackle the playroom Take on the One Room Challenge again I wasn’t too ambitious in my goal setting for the year and reflecting back on all that’s gone down this year so far, that probably wasn’t too bad of an idea. {The One Room Challenge} Nailed it! This resolution I tackled with Calling It Home’s Spring Round of the One Room Challenge. For this one I took on my kids’ boring beige bathroom. There’s been a lot of boring beige around …

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Ideas for making over a fireplace

Posted on August 13, 2015

I wish you guys could be in my house right now. It is so quiet that thoughts are running full throttle through my mind and all of them are actually being heard. My kids are at Grannie camp for 5 glorious days while my husband and I are back in Colorado enjoying some kid-free time. And with all this silence, my brain is on hyperdrive thinking about house projects that I’d love to start on. One project we jumped into while we took a little vacation to Nebraska to drop the kids off at Grannie camp is our fireplace. I figured while we were out of the house why not start on the fireplace makeover, with very little planned for what I actually wanted the new fireplace to look like. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the fireplace pre-demolition and I’ll make the …

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Midweek musings

Posted on August 12, 2015

  Hi All – I was really hoping to give you an update on the latest changes in my daughter’s room today. But, it not happening and I’m not feeling too bad about it. The kids go back to school in less than two weeks and for the last little bit of summer I want to spend time with them. Plus now that Mr. Man is residing in Houston we’re putting our condo on the rental market. I want to squeeze in as much urban living as much as possible in this last month. The only drag to city living is that it’s like 20th century city living as we neither have internet or cable. It’s like living in a cabin in the middle of the city – the kids read books, build puzzles or fight. For me it means no blogging, no surfing and trying to conserve my data package. …

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