2016 Design Resolutions {Erin’s Goals}

Posted on January 20, 2016

What better time to make some resolutions than the middle of January? That seems to be how I’m rolling these days- three weeks behind on everything! Three weeks behind on Downton Abbey, three weeks behind on getting my hair colored, three weeks behind on coming to terms with the new year. Truthfully I wasn’t really planning on making a list of home projects that I wanted done in 2016. My goal was to make 2016 the year where we sit back and enjoy all the work we’ve put into this house over the past 3 1/2 years. We are in a rather new territory in this house as we now have lived in this house longer than any other house my husband and I’ve owned. Whoa-serious adult business achieved! But it really did dawn on me that this house may not be our forever house but it certainly is our …

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Midweek musings January

Posted on January 19, 2016

Did you have a good long weekend? We headed up to the mountains and hung out at the cute little Mod Lodge condo in Frisco. If you’re looking for a base for winter fun in the Colorado Mountains you can’t beat it – great decor, down duvets, super clean AND a freezer packed with cookie dough and good coffee. A brilliant marketing ploy to make the kids and the grown-ups happy. It worked. Plus it gave me a great place to work on this round of the midweek musing! The family skied with friends while some minor surgery on my feet kept me back at the condo. Skiing would’ve been fun but a couple days by myself with nothing that needed to be done was beyond heavenly. All that down time meant I could leisurely peruse the web and find all sorts of interesting and beautiful things. I love this video – it’s never …

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Rethinking kitchen storage

Posted on January 13, 2016

Every January I feel this tremendous urge to organize the hell out of my house to the point I think I must be pregnant to want to nest so badly. Nope – and believe me that’s a happy thing. This year I’ve got the kitchen on my mind. I feel very lucky to have a kitchen the size of ours but I can’t seem to find the functionality zen in it so this January has me rethinking kitchen storage. Case in point – I love my big island but we only put a spot in that will accommodate two stools and guys – I’ve got THREE kids. Anyone with multiple kids is going to tell you this is the perfect recipe for in-fighting. Or birth control for anyone visiting without children. I’d love to remedy the situation by taking out the cabinets opposite the stools, removing the paneling on the front side of the …

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2016 Design Resolutions {Tricia’s Goals}

Posted on January 5, 2016

  Happy New Years just a little late! Like always I can’t really adjust to the idea that it’s a new year and I should be resolving to make it a better year until all my little darlings have returned to school after that long, long Christmas break. That’ll happen tomorrow. I resolve to resolve on the personal goals then. With a girls’ weekend in Palm Springs coming up in less than a month (crazy excited for this!) I can say that 1) stop eating everything in sight, 2) stop drinking my face off and 3) start working out like crazy will all make the list. But for now I’m setting my design resolutions for 2016. Even though I’m not quite sure how I’m going to be a better me this year (yet) I do know what I have in mind to make my house a better abode. But first how about …

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A mini kitchen makeover

Posted on December 31, 2015

This post is sponsored by Feiss. All opinions are my own. Merry belated Christmas! Hope you had an amazing holiday! We had my parents, one of my brothers and his new wife here and it was a blast. You know, stuffing our faces, drinking bloodys, mimosas, wine, beer, champagne, cocktails and having livers that now hate us, cooking and cooking again, playing board games, wrapping presents for hours on end, tearing off the wrapping in mere moments and overall just having a perfect few days. Shortly before Christmas we took on a little mini update for our kitchen. It made cooking for the holidays and washing all those endless fancy dishes so much more enjoyable. Here’s the before: There is minimal space in our kitchen that isn’t taken up with cabinetry (no complaints there!) and what wall space there is was painted yellow. You can see it best over the kitchen …

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