My latest beauty secret

Posted on July 27, 2016

Thank you to OOSILK for partnering with me on this post today. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Do you remember the time I bared my naked face to the world? I was make-up free but plastered with scotch tape. Always a good look. My old beauty secret The post was all about sharing my biggest beauty secret (up to that point that is) and it was scotch tape. Are you wondering why scotch tape? Are you thinking maybe it’s a great new undiscovered make-up trend? Nope, it’s definitely not. Here’s the backstory: I often get compliments on my skin. Personally I don’t know why. Really, I’m not trying to being coy. When I look in the mirror it’s blemishes and wrinkles I see, not good skin. But when I’m frequently asked how I keep my skin looking so good, when people acted shocked by my age and when they want to know where …

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Inspired by DIY: Pottery Barn Gold Leaf Coral Prints

Posted on July 19, 2016

This month I’m jumping into the Inspired by DIY Challenge organized by my friend Jess of Domicile 37. Each month, Jess & friends find a piece from a store or designer that  inspires them and they each make it their own. I’m so happy to be jumping into the fray with them! This month’s inspo comes from Pottery Barn. I don’t mind getting down and dirty with a good DIY but most of Pottery Barn’s products lie well outside my range of DIY competence. Seriously people, ain’t no way I’m making a couch or a basket. Part of the challenge for me this month was finding something that I could use as inspiration. I kept it in my wheelhouse by going for the Gold Leaf Coral Framed Prints. Just one problem – they took them off the site today before I downloaded an image of them! Here’s all you need to know …

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The get ungrounded checklist

Posted on July 12, 2016

Thank you to Coit Cleaning and Restoration for partnering with me on this post today. As always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Aren’t they the sweetest angels? Don’t they look like they could do no wrong? Ha! I totally wish that was true but school’s out and these kids are just itching to drive their mama crazy. Please isn’t summer almost over and I can send the kids back to school? Not even close -I’ve got six more weeks to survive. I know, I know. I’m should to be one of these other moms who plans fun activities for the kids each week of the summer. I should be thrilled that I get to spend all day everyday with the kids and revel in the quality time with them as I run them all over town. I confess; that does not bring this mom endless amounts of joy. I’m a much kinder gentler mom …

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The making of a rental {week one}

Posted on July 7, 2016

Before diving into all the details on the making of a rental I want to welcome all the new peeps popping by from Style by Emily Henderson. Erin has this itty bitty design crush on Emily and I think all her design dreams came true when Emily featured Erin’s fireplace wall on her blog and instagram account. Back story: Erin consulted with Emily and her edesign team to help solidify her ideas for that wall. The collaboration resulted in this stunner of a fireplace wall. Kudos to Erin and Emily for such a beautiful outcome! And now on to something much less pretty: my new-to-me 1970s split level! I know, I know, she’s an absolute beaut and you want to be our new tenants! Or maybe you’re actually thinking “what the hell have you gotten yourself into????” #2 is probably the more accurate bet. Mr. Man and I started thinking about the rental market …

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Master Bathroom Makeover Bliss

Posted on June 23, 2016

Recently I wrapped up designing a master bathroom remodel for clients in Colorado. This bathroom turned out so amazing and I wanted to be sure that all of you guys got to see the finished product! As I mentioned earlier, I have started a little design business of my own and its called Everyday Interior Design. The motto of my company is “Defining Spaces for Everyday Living”. And my approach is just that- helping clients find ways to make their space function for how they live their lives. This bathroom remodel was partially out of necessity for these clients but also gave them the chance to make a space that fit them. And literally, this space is custom designed to fit the 6’4″ husband- he finally has a shower head that is high enough for him to stand upright under! Here’s a little teaser of the after but I encourage …

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